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Here you can find the latest proramme

  • IMC Coniston

    14th February 2014

    IMC Coniston:For those who paid to go hiking in the lake district with the IMC (Invicta Mountaineering Club) this is the weekend that you go.The IMC Website - Invicta Mountaineering Club...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    15th February 2014


  • Half Term

    21st February 2014

    Half Term - No Explorers on the 21st....

  • 21st Golden Bog Seat Challenge

    1st March 2014

    21st Golden Bog Seat Challenge will be an Archery Competition held at Lower Grange Farm on 1st March.When: Saturday 1st March 10am - Sunday 2nd March October 2013 10am Where: Lower Grange Farm, Grange Lane, Sandling, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 3ABDownload Map HereCost: 10 including...

  • Environmental DIY

    7th March 2014

    Environmental DIY:This evening will be part of earning your Environment Partnership Award....

  • Extreme Board Games

    14th March 2014

    Extreme Board Games:We will be playing some Extreme Board GamesSo get your game on... ...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    15th March 2014

    Hamlet Wood Working Party:This the second half of earning you Environmental Partnership Award Badge. We will be putting up Bat and Bird Boxes that we made on the Environmental DIY night. ...

  • Climbing at The Barn

    21st March 2014

    Climbing at The Barn:We will be meeting at The Barn for climbing and bouldering. ...

  • Shelter Box Night

    28th March 2014

    Shelter Box Night:Following on from International Themes Night, This is also a part of earning your International Partnership Award.We will be learning about Shelter Box and taking part in some activities....

  • Night Hike/Barn Sleepover

    4th April 2014

    Night Hike/Barn Sleepover:We will be going on a Night hike which will finish at the Barn. Then We'll stay the night at the Barn after the hike. ...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    19th April 2014


  • Wide Games

    25th April 2014

    Wide Games:We will be playing Wide Games at The Barn ...

  • DofE Bronze & Badge Work

    16th May 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    DofE Bronze & Badge Work event...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    17th May 2014

    9:00 - 13:00

    Hamlet Wood Working Party event...

  • Map Reading & DofE Route Planning

    23rd May 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Map Reading & DofE Route Planning event...

  • Silver Duke of Edinburgh - Expedition

    23rd - 26th May 2014

    Silver Duke of Edinburgh - Expedition event...

  • Drop Hike (Practise for DofE)

    30th May 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Drop Hike (Practise for DofE) event...

  • Scout Community Week - Project @ LGF

    6th June 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Scout Community Week - event...

  • Kayaking

    13th June 2014


    Kayaking event...

  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

    20th - 22nd June 2014

    Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition event...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    21st June 2014

    9:00 - 13:00

    Hamlet Wood Working Party event...

  • Silly Sports Day

    27th June 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Silly Sports Day event...

  • Climbing at Lower Grange Farm

    4th July 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Climbing at Lower Grange Farm event...

  • Just Add Water - JAWS 2014

    5th - 6th July 2014

    JUST ADD WATER - JAWS 2014 If you like water based activities then this day has everything! you will be able to have a go at dinghy sailing, windsurfing, sea kayaking and powerboating. Based at the Whistable Scouts RYA centre you can be assured of a quality event under the safe supervision of...

  • Gilwell 24

    Gilwell 24

    11th - 13th July 2014

    Gilwell 24 2014 will take place from Friday 11th July until Sunday 13th July 2014.The core Gilwell 24 event is a 24 hour long day of activity and challenge running from 09:00 on Saturday straight through until 09:00 Sunday.  (32 per participant and 14 per leader)In addition we will be...

  • Wide Games and BBQ

    18th July 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Wide Games and BBQ event...

  • Norjam 2014

    Norjam 2014

    9th - 16th August 2014

    Norfolk International Jamboree 2014More info at: http://www.norjam2014.org.uk/...

  • Theme Park Camp

    5th - 7th September 2014

    Here comes another fantastic Theme Park Camp! Open to all Explorers and Network Units, 5-7th September 2014. We'll have two nights of discos, games, camp fires, karaoke, fancy dress, and more. Then all day Saturday we'll take you to Thorpe Park, home of some of the best roller coasters in the...

  • Climbing and Bouldering

    Climbing and Bouldering

    19th September 2014

    19:30 - 21:30

    Climbing and Bouldering event...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    20th September 2014

    9:00 - 13:00

    Hamlet Wood Working Party...

  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition

    Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition

    26th - 28th September 2014

    Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition at Ross Wood...

  • Geo-Caching

    3rd October 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Geo-Caching at Lower Grange Farm...

  • Fire Lighting and Survival Skills

    10th October 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Fire Lighting and Survival Skills at Hamlet Wood...

  • Wide Games and Sleep Over

    17th - 18th October 2014

    19:45 - 14:00

    Wide Games and Sleep Over (Joint with Maidstone Methodist Scout Troop) at Hamlet Wood.On the Saturday the Explorers and Scouts will help out at the Working Party...

  • Video Games Night

    24th October 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Video Games Night at the Scout Hut...

  • Archery


    7th November 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Archery at Lower Grange Farm...

  • Fun With Cameras

    14th November 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Fun With Cameras at the Scout Hut...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    15th November 2014

    9:00 - 13:00

    Hamlet Wood Working Party...

  • Drop Hike

    21st November 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Drop Hike...

  • Team Challenge Night

    28th November 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Team Challenge Night at the Scout Hut...

  • To be Confirmed

    5th December 2014

    Night To be Confirmed...

  • Christmas Meal

    Christmas Meal

    6th December 2014

    18:00 - 20:00

    This years Explorer Christmas Meal will be on Saturday 6th December. The meal will be held at Sandling Village Hall between 6pm and 8pm.  Sandling Village hall is located Sandling Lane between the round about and the Harvester.  If you'd like to come to the meal, please let Dan know as...

  • Christmas Craft + Wide Games

    12th December 2014

    19:45 - 21:45

    Christmas Craft + Wide Games at the Scout Hut...

  • Climbing & Bouldering

    16th January 2015

    Climbing & Bouldering event...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    17th January 2015

    Hamlet Wood Working Party event...

  • IMC - Winter Hill Walking

    IMC - Winter Hill Walking

    13th - 15th February 2015

    IMC - Winter Hill Walking event...

  • Young Leader Training

    7th - 8th March 2015

    Young Leader Training event...

  • Active8

    21st - 22nd March 2015

    Active8 event...

  • Freezer Camp (Bog Seat Challenge)

    28th - 29th March 2015

    Freezer Camp (Bog Seat Challenge) event...

  • Edible Rafts

    19th June 2015

    19:45 - 21:45

    Edible Rafts Evening ...

  • Hamlet Wood 50th Anniversary

    20th June 2015

    Hamlet Wood Working Party event...

  • Night Hike

    26th June 2015

    19:45 - 21:45

    Night Hike....

  • Climbing and Bouldering

    3rd July 2015

    19:45 - 21:45

    Climbing and Bouldering at Lower Granege Farm...

  • Wii Olympics

    10th July 2015

    19:45 - 21:45

    Wii Olympics Evening....

  • Golf Driving Range

    17th July 2015

    19:45 - 21:45

    Golf Driving Range , location TBC...

  • Hamlet Wood Working Party

    18th July 2015

    9:00 - 13:00

    Hamlet Wood Working Party ....

  • Match Box Challenge Night

    24th July 2015

    19:45 - 21:45

    Match Box Challenge Night....

  • Peak 2015

    Peak 2015

    25th July - 1st August 2015

    Peak 2015 is a fun filled camp in the grounds of the famous Chatsworth House Estate in Derbyshire.The next camp is expected to hold over 6,000 young people who will take part in one of the most exciting Scout & Guide camps in the World! Where they will make new friends, have the opportunity to take...

  • Riffle Shooting & Archery

    5th February 2016

    7:45 - 9:45

    Riffle Shooting & Archery event...

  • Pancake Everning

    12th February 2016

    7:45 - 9:45

    Pancake Everning event...

  • Origami Evening

    26th February 2016

    Origami Evening event...

  • Young Leader Training Weekend

    5th - 6th March 2016

    Young Leader Training Weekend event...

  • Speak Up

    12th - 13th March 2016

    Do you know an Explorer Scout who is keen to promote Scouting and learn more about the media?The National Scout Speak Up Course is being run in Kent. The weekend will give young people the confidence and tools to positively promote Scouting in their local community. Its a fun weekend where...

  • Bog Seat

    19th - 20th March 2016

    e Golden Bog Seat is a coverted trophy you don't want to win!Each Bog Seat Camp has its own theme - in the past we've had a waterless regatta, murder mystery and much more...The idea is to come along, take part in the challenge, have a bit of fun and meet others from Kent. The winner at the end of...

  • District Explorer Camp

    3rd - 5th November 2017

    19:00 - 11:00

    District Explorer Camp event...

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